University Bands, Live Music for Students and Uni Balls!

University bands and college bands are renowned for having fabulous celebrations, and with the suitability of our live university bands for these situations, that’s not likely to change anytime soon! Playing a repertoire of songs that appeal to the youth of today, our university live bands are always in demand. These events are always a major hit!

The Beats
The Beats were established in 1998 and since then has toured all over the world. A sensational university live band, they work diligently at all events, thus ensuring that their performances are always major hits! Genuinely a great live band of the highest calibre!
From £1280
Fashion is considered one of the very best live university bands in England, and with a hand-picked repertoire of only white-hot party anthems to play, from the 60’s right up to current day, Fashion is one of the best.
From £1280
With Sidewinder playing at your University Ball, you are just about always guaranteed a perfect mix of infectious up-to-the-minute current hit songs, which Uni students are so familiar with, and classic tunes that stand the test of time. The ultimate mix of songs that makes for the perfect Uni band!
From £880
Tailor Made
Being amongst the top live university bands in the country, Tailor Made are available for all kinds of gigs, from weddings and parties to corporate functions, but especially university balls. Literally one of the best there is!
From £1190
Bigger Beat
With a perfect song repertoire hand-picked to suit uni students, from The Rolling Stones right up to the latest chart-topping hits, listen to this band’s recordings so you get “the Bigger Beat..!” A great university live band!
From £1240
Double The Measure
Double The Measure is quite a young band, so therefore they are completely sorted when it comes to playing all the Indie and classic rock and party music that uni students want to hear. Perfectly suited to live uni band events!
From £1260
Young Ones
Young Ones are very good at appealing to the young masses of Uni students through their very suitable song repertoire. Strong female lead vocals make them a very good choice for any university live band event!
From £1125
The Herbz
Over the years, The Herbz have played almost every type of event there is to play!, so university balls are nothing unexpected for these guys. They whip the crowd up with all the regular anthems, and their guitar edge over other Uni bands is always sure to please!
From £990
The Rhythm
With fabulous soaring male vocals and guitar work, The Rhythm cover so faithfully all the greatest songs of the last five decades, and at any university music event, they are guaranteed to turn the night into a memorable event!
From £1080
Supernova have literally played every type of gig there is, including many university balls and events, and of all our great bands, they genuinely satisfy in any situation. Seriously a crowd-pleaser every time they play!
From £1075
The BC All-Stars
With soaring lead vocals, The BC All-Stars perform as realistic a rendition of the covered song that just about any band can play! Their version of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” is about the best version going, right up there with the original! The BC All-Stars – a truly great university live band!
From £1440
FUNKology is a world-class funk soul university band, and features an option to add their 3-piece live brass section for HUGE extra impact! And how versatile? They can play as a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9-piece band, and they’ve done it all too, from large university gigs, to Jewish weddings in foreign countries! Mega band – serious calibre.
From £1580
Hand Full Of Soul
Playing songs ranging from Aretha Franklin to Wilson Pickett, and The Jackson 5 to Stevie Wonder, the dance-floor is definitely the place to be with Hand Full Of Soul. Great vocals, great music, great band!
From £1380
The Amberlights
The Amberlights are an extremely talented and versatile funk & soul university band, perfect for any Uni event. Playing a mixture of classic funk, soul, disco and pop/rock, they are guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving all night long. Add their fabulous 3-piece live brass section for extra OOMPH!
From £1580
If experience matters, T-Bass has it in spades! With thousands of live gigs under their collective belts over the years, T-Bass knows how to turn any University ball or event into the perfect “night to remember..!”
From £1390
Fabba Dream
Fabba Dream plays, well… everything ABBA of course!, and they do it better than just about any Abba band in the UK today. With years of experience behind them, they faithfully re-create all the Abba dance moves, in costume of course, and bring the 70’s & 80’s authenticity flooding back to your party!
From £1290
The Promised
Featuring great lead vocals and smooth professional musicianship, The Promised are solid in every respect. Playing all the uni band classics, students and lecturers alike will enjoy these guys!
From £1340
Charm has been ‘wowing’ audiences all over the UK for many years, and their suitability to university balls and events makes them one of the UK’s busiest bands. Always sure to please, Charm are certainly one of the most reliable live bands for hire around.
From £1350
Hip Operation
Hip Operation is a great band, capable of covering various styles of live music for all ages and tastes. From funk & soul to modern hits, Hip Operation is slick, jovial and entertaining. A very good uni band for all occasions.
From £1390
Great singers and musicians, Rocksteddy plays a broad cross-section of live music that is sure to appeal to all. Jazz, funk and soul is the style of the band, and regarding these styles, Rocksteddy is hard to beat.
From £1670
The Chameleons
The Chameleons are a very good professional uni band. Very experienced, and playing a song repertoire that spans the decades, The Chameleons are always a good option for any uni ball live music event.
From £1250
Now 80's
If you’re looking for a night of ’80’s nostalgia for your university ball, Now ’80’s will deliver exactly that, and much more! The band effectively re-creates everything that was good?? from the 1980’s, and you’re sure to be thrilled with their infectious feelgood 80’s anthems right from the first song!
From £1150