Helpful Advice for Selecting Perfect Live Bands for YOUR Wedding!

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at AffordaBand is “how do I choose the perfect live band for my wedding – how do I know which band is right for me?” Without doubt, our all-important wedding day is one of the biggest days of our lives, and the most important ingredient, by far, for creating a fabulous evening wedding party, is the live band for your wedding chosen to entertain your guests. A GREAT live band for your wedding is without doubt THE KEY INGREDIENT between creating a memorable evening for your guests, or just another regularly-pleasant evening that they’ll likely not remember as being anything too special! A premium-quality live band for your wedding will absolutely make ALL the difference to the success of your evening event!

So: when selecting a premium professional live band for your wedding, firstly, make sure you distinguish between a premium, world-class live band, and a basic pub band. The pub band will promise you the world, and will often offer you a cheap deal just to get your wedding gig, as they’re desperate to get a good gig booked in to their diary. But the very likely possibility that they will be poor quality, inexperienced, and loud, is too much of a risk for such a special day – certainly too risky to thrust it upon your incredibly-valued family and friends, in your one-off opportunity to impress everyone you know! The pub band will usually just turn up in jeans and t-shirts, possibly be intoxicated as well, or worse – not turn up at all – what a disaster this proves to be when people do decide to go with an unproven pub band! Essentially, the rubbish pub band has nothing to lose, so they’ll do anything to get the gig, whereas the premium-quality professional wedding band relies solely on gigging permanently for their living, so they will arrive to impress, well-presented, promptly, and always perform to a brilliant professional standard. Moreover, the pub band will have no professional artist representation, whereas the premium live band will have professional artist management, and if the premium band for some odd reason didn’t perform to a high standard, they would likely be dropped from the band roster by their management, never to work again. So the premium pro live band has A LOT to lose. The pub band, with little or no management, has nothing to lose. And finally you, the wedding client, on your special wedding day – DO have a lot to lose! Never put at risk the one treasured day in your young life, by choosing a ratty pub band – take the memories forever of a wonderful wedding day, engineered by a fantastic professional act!

We cannot stress strongly enough – NEVER choose a pub band – ALWAYS choose a top level professional live band for your wedding, who has professional representation. Also, importantly – NEVER deal directly with a band, ALWAYS ask the management company to negotiate all factors on your behalf. This provides a professional mediator to expertly moderate on all details involved for all parties, so there are no areas of confusion or indecision, and ALWAYS results in a much better result for you on your wedding day. Most music management companies today are fabulous, and with a responsible entity overseeing the wedding, the brilliant live band for your wedding will certainly turn an otherwise regular evening party, into a fabulously memorable event, that you and your guests will cherish the memories from for decades to come! are experts at providing great live bands for weddings. Call or email us today, so we can begin the process of helping you select the perfect live band for your wedding!

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